For this photo assignment, I took a picture of the Freedom Rides exhibit and combined it with a portion of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam.”  I did this to represent both aspiration and frustration.  The high aspirations of the school and the frustration felt by the students.  UMW had many plans for the anniversary of the Freedom Rides, including having students wear t-shirts to create hype, broadcast the ceremony over the school’s emergency broadcast system, and have a grand unveiling of the bus exhibit.  Most of these things didn’t happen, or didn’t have the dramatic effect the school hoped for.  No one asked me what the shirts were for, and I think they thought the school would be a sea of yellow, but there weren’t enough shirts to create that effect.  The speech was not broadcast over the emergency system, an idea proposed to draw students unaware of the event to the speech.  And as for the bus, it arrived the Friday before the anniversary and many people saw it, diminishing the element of surprise.  Michelangelo’s painting is representative of the grandiose idea of the event, but also how they came so close, but were still out of reach.