Before you read this post, watch this video. UCF 2007 Spirit Splash

(My friends and I during Spirit Splash in 2007, I’m crouched down on the bottom right.)

As some of you may not know, I transferred to UMW as a sophomore. I attended the University of Central Florida, a school of 50,000 students, my freshman year. Although I was overwhelmed by its size, UCF really knew how to celebrate school spirit. During our homecoming week, UCF does this annual event called Spirit Splash, as shown in the video. It’s the only day of the year where we can swim in the huge fountain in the center of campus. The marching band plays, people crowd surf, everyone skips class and has an amazing time, all in the name of our school spirit. Even the mascot attends! UMW really doesn’t have anything that compares to this, spirit wise, but then again, I doubt we’d all fit in our fountain at the same time. I guess this is really the only picture of school spirit I’m a part of, it’s the school spirit that I never really found at UMW.