I saw this toy commercial today, and it actually did a good job of not straying from toy commercials that I remember when I was younger.  So I just decided to post a comparison between the new and old.

New Commercial

Old Commercial


Tori’s picture was the inspiration for my own choice of how to represent what the Freedom Rides exhibit is to UMW. In this picture is a team of Egyptian Christians forming a massive human shield to protect their Muslim countrymen as they prayed during the violent protests. Religion is always a source of conflict, always has been and probably always will be. It’s spurred so much hate between different groups for centuries. It is absolutely amazing to see that amidst their diversity, that each group has put aside their differences to come together for a cause. For the Freedom Riders, it was the color of their skin. Yet students, pastors, adults, women, men, all came together and rode a bus for the cause of Civil Rights, no matter if they were black or white. This picture represents what the Freedom Rides stands for: unity in diversity. The Freedom Rides exhibit is a message to UMW that amidst our differences, we all need to put them aside in order to make a change for our generation, big or small. We all need to come together, as one people, to make a difference.


For my junior and senior years at UMW, I wizened up to the fact that living on campus is awful, and started commuting.  This picture represents the frustration I feel every morning, driving around, looking for a parking space that won’t get a parking ticket.  UMW is not my favorite place on the planet, and this parking issue only adds fuel to the flames of discontent within me.  I’m not a morning person as it is, and having to either park in the parking garage and hike a mile to class, or parking at the tennis center and having to walk 3/4 of a mile to class, is just torture.

I’m a senior at Mary Washington now, and in all my years as a student here I have seen so many new people in administration. I’m not only speaking of the obvious multiple changes in Presidents, but also directors of academic departments. As a student leader having to report to many different admins, it is frustrating when they keep changing because it disrupts the flow of things. Many times I think that if I didn’t know anything about UMW’s history, I would mistake it for being a brand new university, not quite having everything figured out yet. A university that is run by the students, but the power of decision making lies in the hands of administration. That is why I used this new person name tag, who is to know who will be the next to come and go?

When the assignment was proposed in class, a fellow classmate and I automatically thought of an eagle with money in it’s claws.  This picture can represent: The (supposed) increase in tuition for next year, as well as the increase in price for living in Eagle Landing, the amount of accumulated money from overpriced parking decals and tickets, and the amount of money towards meal plans at the nest where a meal equals three chicken tenders and a drink.

Since my time at UMW, I have only known the constant construction that has taken place throughout campus. In a way, it’s frustrating to see and hear the constant renovations, but I feel it really describes UMW and the direction it’s going because UMW is constantly growing in student size, structurally, and as an institution with a good reputation . This is why I used a picture from the construction of Eagle Village as my picture.

I chose to Google maps the entire University.  Geographically this defines the University, however it is not an updated version of what it looks like now. I took a snap shot of 4 segments of the University  on Google maps and pieced them together.  It is hard to define UMW by its people, so I went for a simpler line of thought.

When prompted to think of something that defines UMW, I immediately thought of the Office of University Relations and Communications, specifically, press releases. The news and event information published by the office’s branches and communicated to media outlets shapes the way the university is perceived. The image on the computer screen is of the university’s news webpage and the sheet of paper is the news release template. The news archive of recent headlines (and their accompanying news releases) offers an impressive glimpse into everyday life at UMW from academic research and community service to sporting and cultural events.

"Bulding of the over pass"

I think this defines UMW because of the building and expansion that this picture has. Eagle village represents the most recent growth and UMW’s plans to continue to grow. The overpass is also a bridge, and is bridging the old UMW to the Future UMW.

I have not been here long, nor have I seen everything, but if there is one thing about Mary Washington that I have experienced as being a prominent aspect of the university, it is the Honor System. Quite to my father’s disapproval, I have tested the honor code many times (leaving things on a table at Seaco while I get food or leaving my books on a hallway bench while I run to the restroom), and it has never failed me. Now this may seem like nothing, but even this small assurance makes me feel more secure and well, slightly more at home.

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