Woops! I guess UMW’s annual spirit week was so exciting, students were rendered unconscious from Monday to Friday.  This picture perfectly describes spirit week for students in Fredericksburg.  Classes continued without much alternation and excitement, while the afternoon festivities were nonexistent.  The only excitement came on St. Patrick’s Day Thursday, when an underrated yet amazing band, Circa Survive, played a show in Great Hall to 30 UMW students and 150 non-UMW students- Thus representing the “diverse” culture of the UMW community.

I was waiting until today to post a picture for the week because yesterday(saturday) was an event I had been excited about for many weeks! My friends attempted to build school spirit by creating an event called Spromecoming– kind of like a Spring Homecoming, where everyone would sport the school colors, and socialize in the backyard all day with fun events planned. They held the large Homecoming party in the fall, and out of excitement for the spring event, I went shopping with friends to plan the perfect school spirit outfit, and created Spromecoming t-shirts.

But of course, as my picture that defines UMW on my blog (friend with Fburg Police), the same thing happened here, but way earlier, and in an aggressive way. We had planned to open doors to all college students at 9am, but weren’t expecting the large crowds to come until after 11am.  Around 10am, when there was about 12 of us hanging out (all over age 21), The ABC cops set us up–sending in an undercover student who tossed some money at the front door, helped himself to one of the kegs, and then left, sending the police in. The ABC cops bursted in, along with 6 or 7 other cops (completely unnecessary for the tiny amount of kids there), took the 5 kegs away, wrote one of the girls up to send her to court, and threatened the rest of us. The police made several harrassing remarks, and were laughing and trying to joke about the situation that was not so funny to us. We had to cancel the Spromecoming event before it even got started, and killed the school spirit for hundreds of students.

This picture represents the ‘fun police’ which is what I feel like the Fredericksburg police are–always crashing college kids’ fun because they have nothing else better to do. It is appalling to me that they cannot even let us have ONE day or ONE party without crashing it. I go visit other schools and the kids are able to have tons of parties and socialization to build school spirit, and the police let it go on because they are just there to make sure everyone’s safe-not to get everyone in trouble. Police should be there to protect us, instead of living on their power highs and literally never letting us have college parties. I am absolutely appalled at how horrible the community treats the  students here, and the police here have literally ruined my college experience. They are making people not want to go to this school, and I certainly won’t recommend this school to my friends outside UMW, because of the lack of socialization and rediculous heirarchy of the community/police over the students. UMW is known as being a quiet, non partying school, and when we try to have any sort of event for once, it gets shot down by the community. The community and police have killed my college experience, and are absolutely a huge variable for UMW not having much school spirit. Though I’ve never thought UMW has ever had much school spirit, I was excited for this weekend to help build that, and I was eager to post pictures about it. But now, I go back to my previous thought, and am posting this ‘fun police’ picture I found on the web to define my thoughts on school spirit at UMW. Thanks a lot, Fredericksburg.

Oops, I blinked and missed “Spirit Week” at UMW.  What did I miss?  Apparently a sale on the overpriced stuff at the bookstore.  I hear the prices were so low you could almost buy a used copy of that textbook you needed two months ago for less than the price of a down-payment on a car.  Almost.

Thankfully I just happened to see this flyer, that takes up a whole fourth of this sign, or I would have completely missed the fact that it was spirit week.  And talk about conveniently placed, it was right outside of the bookstore doors, way to advertise only within a five foot radius.

This is my image that represents UMW Spirit Week. It’s a screen shot of my gmail account, showing the OSACS Weekly email announcing “It’s Spirit Week at UMW” -in my trash box. I didn’t even open the message and completely forgot it was spirit week until I remembered this photo assignment a few minutes ago. I’m only on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, so maybe I missed something, but not once on those days did I hear another student make reference to the fact that it was spirit week or to a spirit week event. As school newspaper articles/columns have pointed out in recent semesters, the university just isn’t known for it’s school spirit.

*This was posted Friday, but it did not show up to the Visual Rhetoric blog, so I just added the vizrhet11me tag. I don’t think my photo assignment responses to two and three showed up either on the Visual Rhetoric blog, so here are the links:

Define UMW

Freedom Rides

So this is a bit harsh, but UMW Spirit week really is unfortunately a joke on campus. No one really knows what’s going on and it isn’t a huge focus in campus life. That’s why I decided to use a tumbleweed, because students can easily go throughout the week without realizing that it is spirit week. But because UMW isn’t a school known for its spirit, I can see why this is the case.

I feel like this picture defines UMW spirit week. I think most people are not aware that UMW spirit week is even happening, perhaps many UMW students do not even know we have a spirit week. However, in the likely case that UMW students find out we are currently supposed to spirited it likely to produce this face; confusion. Confusion probably prompted by the UMW BBQ this saturday at like 5, will probably be the moment UMW students realize we are supposed to be spirited, but about what if we didn’t even know this is UMW spirit week?

I also posted this earlier but it did not show up on the blog.

I’m actually very surprised this poster didn’t bring in more money than $7000, considering the Red Cross’s fundraising reputation. I agree with Palvus; once you know what the poster represents, it becomes a constant reminder of tragedy and sorrow, and is indeed a bit grotesque for living room art. I think the cracks through the “rising sun” are eerie, and the whole poster just kind of creeps me out. I’d rather donate my money straight to the source, and not waste resources on printing a poster I’ll hide in the back of my closet.

The image above is of a poster that a design company put together and is currently selling online. Proceeds are given to the Canadian Red Cross. Good idea? Read this response first:

John Pavlus “Is This Poster to Aid Japan’s Tsunami Victims a Crime Against Design?”

Post a brief comment (no more than a paragraph) with your position on this. In/appropriate? Disaster-porn? Helpful?

Here’s our handout for the Iwo Jima Photo reading for Thursday, March 17th: Iwo Jima Handout

love, Tori and McKenna

My mash-up to fight climate change.

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